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Scrimba Annual Pro Plan

Nov 27 - Nov 27

With access to our Frontend Path and AI Engineer Path, this deal will set you up for success in 2024! Be quick, as the offer expires at midnight tonight.

Coupon Code: Black Friday 2023

Code With Ania Course

Nov 27 - Nov 27

You’ll get the full stack developer course designed for complete beginners that will take you from zero experience in programming to becoming a confident web developer.

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY20

Talk Python Training Black Friday Deals

Nov 20 - Nov 27

50% off on 5 of the courses and 10% of the proceeds go toward the Hidden Genius project that helps under represented developers.

$50 off Payments with Ruby on Rails Master Class

Nov 20 - Nov 28

Want to add Payments to your Rails app? It's gotten much trickier over the past years. This course walks you through accepting Payments with Stripe that are compatible with Strong Customer Authentication, webhooks, and more.

Refactoring Rails

Nov 20 - Nov 28

Ben Orenstein's Refactoring Rails course is one I refer back to several times a year. It's a great set of strategies for cleaning up and better organizing your code

Advanced Ruby: Behind the Magic

Nov 20 - Nov 28

This course is everything I wish I knew about Ruby when I started as a Rails developer. We cover 6+ hours of Ruby techniques used in Rails and other Rubygems to see how they work from scratch.

GoRails Annual Plan

Nov 20 - Nov 28

Get a yearly subscription to GoRails for just $144/year. That's only $12/mo to stay up-to-date with Hotwire, Rails 7, Ruby 3, and much more!

Practical Blazor Components Course

Nov 22 - Nov 29

Get up to speed with Blazor (and all its new features in .NET 8) fast. Hands-on exercises, projects to work through at your own pace, video and text explainers. 50% off for Black Friday.

Vue School - Vue.js Certification (affiliate)

Nov 21 - Nov 24

Earning a Vue.js certification showcases that you have the knowledge and skills required to build complex applications using Vue.js. This level of expertise can be attractive to potential employers or clients, as it demonstrates your commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and your ability to deliver high-quality, professional-level work.

Zero to Mastery

Nov 21 - Nov 27

BIGGEST DISCOUNT EVER (annual only). The most efficient and supportive way for you to learn in-demand skills, get hired, and advance your career.

Coupon Code: BFCM23

Total TypeScript (Core Volume React Bundle)

Nov 20 - Nov 28

Become the TypeScript Wizard at Your Company. A comprehensive production-grade TypeScript training by Matt Pocock.

The Beginner's Guide to YouTube ($100 off)

Nov 20 - Nov 27

Discover your niche, build your studio, craft compelling videos, and unlock the YouTube algorithm as you embark on the journey to monetization


DesignCourse 50% Off Black Friday

Nov 20 - Nov 27

Get 50% off of the UI/UX & CSS course at DesignCourse by Gary Simon.

Coupon Code: BF2023


Nov 20 - Nov 27

50% off all subscriptions, including lifetime membership. No coupon required.

Developer To Leader

Nov 20 - Nov 24

Learn how to lead a team successfully even if you've never managed or led anyone before.


Flutter, Firebase, and Dart - 4 Course Bundle

Nov 20 - Nov 29

This bundle includes all my Flutter and Dart courses. If you prefer, you can still buy each course individually and get 50% off during my Black Friday sale.

Servers for Hackers Courses

Nov 20 - Nov 27

Get 40% off all Servers for Hackers courses and eBooks - learn what developers need to know about their servers! CloudCasts (AWS for programmers) is also on sale for lifetime access.

DataCamp : Unlimited data & AI Learning

Nov 20 - Nov 24

- 450+ data and AI courses: Python, ChatGPT, SQL, Power BI, and more - Prove your skills with Forbes' #1 ranked data certification program - Interactive learning, projects, and career tracks for all levels

Adonis Pace

Nov 20 - Nov 30

Pace is the fastest way to build SaaS applications with AdonisJS. It provides everything you need in a SaaS application, so you can save months of development time and instead focus on your idea.

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY2023

Adonis Mastery Pro

Nov 20 - Nov 30

Everything you need to fully master AdonisJS and its ecosystem through practical screencasts.

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY2023

Code With Mosh All Access

Nov 19 - Nov 30

Become the best coder you can be with unlimited access to all the existing and future courses. 330 hours of HD video with hands-on exercises.

Coupon Code: BF2023

Academind Pro Membership

Nov 19 - Nov 28

We're offering 300 slots to get full access to all our 47 courses for just $139/year (45% off the regular price of $249/y).

Coupon Code: BLACK_WEEK_23(45% off)

Practical Async/Await

Nov 17 - Nov 27

Get solid grasp of async/await fundamentals, and write modern asynchronous JavaScript that just works — today

Coupon Code: BF2023

Python To Project - 5 Week Online Course

Nov 17 - Nov 28

25% OFF On PythonToProject - 5 Week self-paced course to get you unstuck on your project-building journey

SignalR Mastery

Nov 23 - Nov 28

SignalR Mastery teaches .NET developers to implement how to build and scale real-time web applications built on the .NET platform. This coupon code is good for the lowest price I can sell it for! Come and get it!


Build Expense Manager App Using React And TypeScript

Nov 24 - Nov 27

Learn to build a complete project from scratch using React + TypeScript. Also, get bonuses worth $58 for FREE. A video-based course in which you will learn lazy loading, performance improvement, custom hooks, context API, and much more.

VS Code Hero

Nov 15 - Nov 25

Code Faster! Code editors tend to get overlooked and employers assume that you can figure them out. But most developers can improve their code editor skills and get more out of the editor. Invest in yourself to improve the quality, speed, and efficiency of your code writing skills! Get the complete bundle for only $9.

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY2023(60% off) Courses

Nov 12 - Nov 30

1. Login to create account 2. Click Go Pro! 3. Enter "BF2023" in stripe to receive 75% off

Coupon Code: BF2023

The Full Stack Mobile Developer

Nov 23 - Nov 28

Master Full Stack Mobile Development with React Native and AWS. Bring ideas to life by building your real-world apps from 0 to market. Join our thriving community of over 650+ successful students who are now shaping the mobile app landscape

Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY(50% off)